I've never really been a tech guy, but I recently purchased some tech gear to measure my daily health/fitness habits.

If you use tech gear or have thought about doing so, below is my subjective and objective opinions on the pros and cons of technology specifically the SMART WATCH on your health and well-being.

The smart watch has a variety of health and fitness tracking tools including:

- Step count

- Heart rate variability

- Sleep REM cycle

- Stress levels

- Exercise tracking

- Calories burnt



Step count

Funny enough I spend a lot of time sitting at computer (for work) so I found the step count reminder tool to be useful, if you sat for longer than a hour it would remind you to get your ass moving again, a great tool for office workers who spend a lot in chairs.

Getting 10,000 steps a day helps to consistently stimulate the lymphatic system (clears toxins from body) and keep a baseline level of fitness. 

Sleep tracking 

The Sleep tracking tool was also cool for measuring how much actual sleep I was getting each night, specifically deep sleep.

If you consistently miss out on deep rem sleep which happens between the hours of 1- 4 am its probable that you will suffer with symptoms of anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Sleep is king and absolutely essential for good health & well-being.

Alcohol definitely had a negative effect on how much deep rem sleep I had, something to consider if you drink alcohol before bed?.....

This tool was humbling as it made you aware of how much time you were actually exercising versus recovering,

My 1 hour boxing workout only totaled to 30 mins of actual work-time, so if you're bludging in the gym the smart watch will happily let you know that.

Also a great tool to see what type of exercise burns the most calories for you,

is it running, boxing or weight lifting?.


I found the heart rate monitor to be in-accurate all of the time, which is annoying as I find resting heart rate a great way to gauge how fit you currently are.

So not sure whether my specific watch is faulty or if the watch technology is not there yet, but based on conversations I've had with other tech fitness users it seems a fault across the board.

Stress tracker - because the stress tracking tool is based of heart rate variability again it i found it to be strange inaccurate and just a little to basic.

Chronic stress is the biggest cause of Australia's most common health issues,

There's also good and bad stress, so as technology improves it would be great to see more superior methods of STRESS tracking technology.

EMF Radiation

EMF stands for 'Electro-magnetic radiation'

If you've been living on planet earth I'm sure you've heard the controversy surrounding 5G technology.

As we move closer to a technocratic society our demands for daily consumption of technology have rapidly increased.

I remember a couple of years ago having a standard phone plan for 8G of data, my new phone standard plan now has 50G of data that more a 500% increase.

With this increase in demand comes the need for a greater supply, which is why 5G has come along to meet that supply.

After sleeping with the smart watch and phone I found the biggest down side to the smart watch was the exposure to EMF's while you sleep.

as opposed to when I kept the tech out of my room during sleep hours I woke up feeling instantly much more rested and pumped for the day.

The downside being that you keep the tech our your room there was no way of objectively measuring the sleep quality (bit of catch 22).

All in all tech gear can help improve your lifestyle and move you towards your goals faster, but it also has downsides that we should all be aware of.

That's my wrap for the pros and cons of tech gear!

I'd love to hear your experiences with tech gear? 

Think & Grow Fit