10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas

We all know what time of the year it is,. Festive season! no matter where you turn your head your going to be confronted with a plethora of Christmas treats, lavish lunches and social gatherings!. In todays blog I've put together 10 tips that you can use to be fit and healthy over the christmas break without having to turn into a mini Adolf hitler.

Tip 1 - Eat foods high in protein and good fats Alot of Christmas treats are high in wheat and sugar eg. Ginger breads. Pies etc. two very addictive substances that will keep you wanting more and more (empty calories). Eating high protein foods will keep you full satisfied (balanced blood sugar) and able to turn your head away from the temptation of Christmas junk food. Tip 2 - Plan out some AFD'S (alcohol free days) Alcohol is another one of the xmas celebratory drinks that pop up on every social occasion. It also shows up in gifts showered across the house. AFD'S are a great way to minimize your consumption of alcohol and not fall into a trap of drinking every day!. Pick out as many days at the start of the week you're not going to drink and stick to it!.

Tip 3 - keep exercising! Be active

If you stop exercising just because its holiday season things are going to get out control pretty quick! Remember exercise is good for you,... and it makes you feel good, so stay active!. Every workout doesn't have to pushing yourself to the limit some days might be a simple walk or dive in the ocean.

Tip 4 - Practice your will power One technique I find that really works is before you reach for that chocolate bar or third mince pie. Take a moment to think about how you're going to feel 20 minutes after eating it! and ask yourself is it worth the 30 seconds of mouth pleasure ? In most cases it won't be making it easy for you to by pass the junk. Tip 5 - Use healthy dessert alternatives If your killing for a sugar fix instead of going the traditional route, think paleo treats instead. Paleo treats avoid all the white devils (sugar,salt,wheat,dairy) and instead use whole foods such as cacao, nuts, honey, Stevia and alternative flours) which means no upset stomach or energy lows. Tip 6 - Drink lots of water

One of the biggest ways you can end up on a junk food train bender is after a big night out drinking, you wake up in the morning dehydrated and tired, and the firstt thing you reach for is usually something greasy or sweet in a attempt to mask the hangover. Drinking a whole lot of water before bed can reduce a hangover by up to 70% which means no laying around like a dead dog the next day.

Tip 7 - Learn to Say No Sometimes it's just easier to say yes when someone offers you food or drink that you don't really want. But it's your body and ou have to deal with it for the rest of the day, so be brave and have the courage to set boundaries and say "NO" to stuff you dont want.

Tip 8 - let go of guilt Its the festive and you'll most likely have moments of indulgence in whatever way you love to do! a common experience we can all suffer from is feeling guilty after the fact. But feeling perpetual guilt for the indulgence is alot worse than the indulgence itself. Guilt hanging around in your mind and body can make you sick! let ogo of the guilt! you'll feel better and it will stop the cycle of emotional eating.

Tip 9 - Eat your food slowly Alot of the time we overeat because we are eating too quickly by using food as a distraction instead of nourishment. Next time you catch yourself scoffing down one your go two snacks, stop take a moment and chew slowly and see what happens! You'll most likely enjoy the snack more and not eat as much.

Tip 10 - Practice intermittent fasting If you love to have a massive feast, one really effective way you can get away with doing so, is through intermittent fasting. Eg choosing to go a prolonged period without eating. The benefits of fasting are endless, one benefit being you can get away with eating junk food without putting on weight. Another cool strategy to have up your sleeve during the holiday season.

It's my hope that you got a few golden nuggets out of todays Christmas blog! and that you have a fantastic time during the holidays with friends and family alike!.

Merry Christmas to you all! I look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Love Matt

Think & Grow Fit

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